Testimonial from Arne

Dear Rachid,

Thank you so much for this year, 2014. For me it was a year full of awareness. Thanks to you it was a puzzle falling together.

A few years ago me and my girlfriend we started a new journey.We became aware of eating ‘differently’, we started eating fresh, bio, raw.We tried a lot of things, Paleo, meat free, bread free, milk free.  And we started feeling better and better.

We started to find a way we felt best in, for us it was a mixture of everything. While we were on our journey we met Rachid.

Rachid showed us that being aware doesn’t stop with eating in a certain way, it means you have to respect your body also in the way you use it.

The way you move, the way you exercise, the way you relax. He started showing us, learning us a completely new experience.

In every way it made our journey so much more complete. The experience Rachid showed us wasn’t an easy one, it was very challenging.

He showed us our physical shortcomings because of our way of living in the last 40 years! For me it became a very mental experience as well.

I can only say, Rachid teached me, explained me, showed me, took me by the arm and talked me through it!

I hated it a number of times, but in the end it was great and still is!

At this moment my girlfriend and me are expecting a baby, so we’re quite busy preparing for this new situation.

But I can’t wait to keep my child anti-fragile for the rest of it’s life!

Once again,thank you Rachid, for becoming our friend!

And for now Janis and me we wish you a happy 2015 with lots of new anti-fragile friends!


Testimonial from Arne

Testimonial from Ahziz

“Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself.”

In life you meet a lot of people, some of them will leave some tracks in your life, in a positive way. I’ve met two of those people and one of them is Rachid.

First of all, in my opinion Antifragile Movement classes are the best thing I ever did. It’s a complete package when it comes to training, working-out, thoughts, martial arts, whatever you want it to be.

Antifragile Movement will fit in everything your do in your daily life, it’s applicable in so many things,whether it’s work or different types of training. BUT the movements explained by Rachid will not be the same if done by someone else. Rachid is not just a coach to his students, but also a friend, a brother, a father if you will. He can get in your head and knows how to motivate you the way you NEED to be motivated or pushed to limits you think you can’t reach. Of course there are limits to everything and Rachid know that better than everyone else.

He will give you the space to develop yourself in everything and the way you want, but he will never let you lose focus.

Antifragile Movement classes don’t just mean hard work and sweat, but also having fun, having a meal and enjoy eachothers company with other students, we consider ourselves a family but you’ll never be forced to join in if that’s not your cup of tea 😉

The reason for me to start with Antifragile Movement was to strengthen my wrists and gain some strength, but now I want it to be part of my daily life. And I have to tell you that it’s a nice and an amazing journey.

I can’t thank Rachid enough for his patience and the way he keeps motivate us, especially people with the mañana attitude. If you want to improve your mind, body and soul, I definitely recommend Rachid as a coach for you.

And keep in mind, after every fall you always can get up again and again, and if you “cannot”, it’s good to know that there’s someone like Rachid there to “pull” you up until your last breath.

Thanks again Rachid for your patience, training, walks in the park, Antifragile Comedy and all things yet to come.

“A journey of 1,000 miles must begin with one step.”


Testimonial from Ahziz

Testimonial from Janis (in Dutch)

Mijn naam is Janis en ik ben 37 jaar.

Ik train sinds mijn 17e en ben sinds mijn 19e les gaan geven als aerobicsinstructrice.
Sporten maakte deel uit van mijn leven.
Aan alle hypes die in de fitness- en aerobicswereld langs zijn gekomen de afgelopen jaren heb ik deelgenomen.
Ik merkte aan mezelf dat ik in “krachtlessen” goed meekon. Ik was sterk en had redelijk veel kracht voor een vrouw. De yogalessen daarentegen vond ik niet leuk omdat ik niet lenig was. Dus alle lessen voor flexibiliteit en lenigheid sloeg ik over.
In 2013 viel mijn oog op Rachid in de fitness. Hij fascineerde me met zijn mooie, lenige, maar in mijn ogen, moeilijke oefeningen. Deze voerde hij heel gecontroleerd en gedisciplineerd uit. Dat wil ik ook wel kunnen, dacht ik.
Begin 2014 ben ik meegaan doen aan een 6 weekse training bij Rachid. Ik wilde wel eens weten wat hij nu deed. Ik heb het geweten.. Rachid merkte gelijk op dat ik totaal niet flexibel was in mijn rug en dat ik mezelf heel erg aan het beperken was door vooral krachtoefeningen te doen. Daar mocht ik mee stoppen. En dat heb ik direct gedaan.
Ik ben onder Rachid zijn hoede gaan trainen. Hij legde me uit dat de “mind” een beperking voor het lichaam kan zijn. Door te denken dat ik iets niet kon, voerde mijn lichaam het ook niet uit. Naarmate ik in mezelf begon te geloven, ging mijn lichaam mee! Ik kon iets wat ik voorheen nooit had gedacht.
Voor mij was dat de “straddle up”. Wat heb ik hierop gevloekt! Maar Rachid bleef vertrouwen in mij hebben en mij motiveren. Wat een geduldig en krachtig persoon is Rachid. Mijn trainingen zijn anders geworden en ben me heel erg bewust geworden van mijn lichaam. Dit allemaal dankzij Rachid.
Ik ben heel erg blij dat ik Rachid als trainer heb. Hij is kundig en zeer gemotiveerd in wat hij doet. Hij heeft overal een antwoord op. Voeding, training, lichaam.. you name it! Je krijgt altijd een duidelijk en begrijpend antwoord.
Hij is niet alleen maar streng tijdens trainingen maar houdt ook erg van een grapje. Vandaar dat ik zijn trainingen zo leuk vind. Het is een compleet plaatje wat PASSIE heet! Een trainer als Rachid kan ik iedereen van harte aanbevelen.

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Testimonial from Janis (in Dutch)

Testimonial from Anouar


My name is Anouar, I’m 20 years old and I stopped with fitness more than a year ago now. From then I started to only train bodyweight and left the dumbbells and lift machines aside. That’s where I met Rachid. I was practicing my “handstand”, and saw that Rachid did it without walking on his hands. I actually couldn’t do the “handstand” without walking on my hands. So in fact what I did was not a real handstand. Rachid told me about the handstand and checked my posture and mobility. He was very enthusiast about it and because of that he made me enthusiast too.
Now we are a couple of months further and I really like what I’m doing, I finally found the kind of training that fits in me and I see progression.
Rachid is a very gentle and a helpful trainer, sometimes he spends hours in the gym only talking to people about things they ask. Rachid wants to give the right information to the people so he can’t explain things in a couple of minutes. He is very patient with people. He is also fair and objective, he would never tell you lies. If you don’t fit in his type of training or if he doesn’t have the knowledge about your style of training he will not help you. Only if he can do it for sure. One very important thing that I like about the training with Rachid is that he also knows so much about food. He learned me a lot about nutrition, when and how much to eat something. I ask him a lot about food too and he always knows the answers.
To make a long story short: Rachid is a very helpful, intelligent, fair and patient trainer. I recommend his training to everyone who wants quality and progression.



Testimonial from Anouar

Testimonial from Chung

Rachid is a very skilled instructor of movement.

He can see every detail when I perform a movement and he can see all the strengths and weaknesses.

Sometimes he will be mad at you. That’s because you don’t listen to what he says or you don’t put any effort in your training. And he says those words only for your own sake!

His dedication, broad knowledge and willing to work insanely hard is a true inspiration for all his students. And above all of that, he inspires you to go on, no matter how hard the challenge is. And when you overcome the challenge he will be even happier than you will be.

Testimonial from Chung