Testimonial from Arne

Dear Rachid,

Thank you so much for this year, 2014. For me it was a year full of awareness. Thanks to you it was a puzzle falling together.

A few years ago me and my girlfriend we started a new journey.We became aware of eating ‘differently’, we started eating fresh, bio, raw.We tried a lot of things, Paleo, meat free, bread free, milk free.  And we started feeling better and better.

We started to find a way we felt best in, for us it was a mixture of everything. While we were on our journey we met Rachid.

Rachid showed us that being aware doesn’t stop with eating in a certain way, it means you have to respect your body also in the way you use it.

The way you move, the way you exercise, the way you relax. He started showing us, learning us a completely new experience.

In every way it made our journey so much more complete. The experience Rachid showed us wasn’t an easy one, it was very challenging.

He showed us our physical shortcomings because of our way of living in the last 40 years! For me it became a very mental experience as well.

I can only say, Rachid teached me, explained me, showed me, took me by the arm and talked me through it!

I hated it a number of times, but in the end it was great and still is!

At this moment my girlfriend and me are expecting a baby, so we’re quite busy preparing for this new situation.

But I can’t wait to keep my child anti-fragile for the rest of it’s life!

Once again,thank you Rachid, for becoming our friend!

And for now Janis and me we wish you a happy 2015 with lots of new anti-fragile friends!


Testimonial from Arne

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