Testimonial from Anouar


My name is Anouar, I’m 20 years old and I stopped with fitness more than a year ago now. From then I started to only train bodyweight and left the dumbbells and lift machines aside. That’s where I met Rachid. I was practicing my “handstand”, and saw that Rachid did it without walking on his hands. I actually couldn’t do the “handstand” without walking on my hands. So in fact what I did was not a real handstand. Rachid told me about the handstand and checked my posture and mobility. He was very enthusiast about it and because of that he made me enthusiast too.
Now we are a couple of months further and I really like what I’m doing, I finally found the kind of training that fits in me and I see progression.
Rachid is a very gentle and a helpful trainer, sometimes he spends hours in the gym only talking to people about things they ask. Rachid wants to give the right information to the people so he can’t explain things in a couple of minutes. He is very patient with people. He is also fair and objective, he would never tell you lies. If you don’t fit in his type of training or if he doesn’t have the knowledge about your style of training he will not help you. Only if he can do it for sure. One very important thing that I like about the training with Rachid is that he also knows so much about food. He learned me a lot about nutrition, when and how much to eat something. I ask him a lot about food too and he always knows the answers.
To make a long story short: Rachid is a very helpful, intelligent, fair and patient trainer. I recommend his training to everyone who wants quality and progression.



Testimonial from Anouar

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